Our 2022 Annual Recap

As we look back to 2022, we realize that as we breed less, our list gets a bit shorter each year, however, we continue to be in awe of the dedication of our puppy owners as they explored new venues and ensured that their pups have the best possibility of reaching their full potential. We’d like to recognize all of our pups and owners who found success in 2022 and showed our breed off in such a positive way.

Sydney Small & Kaylee – NW2

Carol Jones & Abbey – SEN, SIN, SCN, SBN, SWN, ORT, NW1

Rachel Meehan & Chili – PUD, TT

Michelle Amtower & Jude – UKC CD, 2x HIT

Mark Elvington & Sarge – RN, RA, RE

Mona Boord & Khaleesi – RATCH

Dawn Phillips & Pan – CKC GRCHG, Can OTCH, RI, RA, RE, SD-S, DSX3, HIT

Lisa Wingerter & Beejus – PACH, PAX, TN-O, WV-O, V-O

Diane McKinney & Nox – BST, ZTP

Katie Maess & Desi – PDC, THDX, CZ8PG, ORT, NE, NV

Patti Wicks & Sheldon – CD-B

Caren Vicich & Ryker – NAJ, OA

Joan Mazat & Windy – PUDX

Carol Jones & Kobi – SCN, SBN, SEN, SIN, SWN, SIA, SEA SBA, SCA, SWA, SIAE, ORT, NW1, NW2

Carol Jones, Keith Brenza & A.C. – SIN, SCN, SEN, SBN, SWN

Ana Cilursu & Axel – SIM, SEM, SWM, BCAT, ACT2, NW3-C, L2E, NW3 Elite

Tracy McMahon & Jagger – AKC CH, UD, UPr2, Multi HIT

Tammy Ausloos & Monkey – OA

Teresa Schneider & Ransom – CKC CH, NFP

Sue Bowman & Calder – CD, RA

Tracey Bradley & Vici – SDO, SDE, SDCC, SDI, SDX, SDM, SDCH, SD-S-SP, SD-A-SP, ADC

Kathy Lovan & Jojo – AKC GRCH, RM, RAE

Kay Willmarth & Bear – AKC CH, CDX

Michelle Pare & Gunner – CD

Cathy Krell & Cedar – RN

Joan Kossaras & Jazzy – NATCH, PDCH Bronze, PTM Bronze, MX, MXJ, MXF, XF, HSAs, O-EJC, ECC, TG-E, O-EAC, O-ECC, WV-E, NADAC Versatility Award

Kat Commerford & Prime – CKC GRCH

Mona Boord & Kvothe AKC GRCH, HSAs, NJP, VCD1

Patty Terrio & Jaxx – AKC CH, CDX

Lisa Wingerter & Ruckus – NJP, NA, NAJ, NF, OF, DCAT

Pam Westphal & Pinky Lee – CD, RAE2, RM, NA, NAJ, BCAT

Cheryl Bryant & Rumble AXP, AJP, NFP, DCAT

Lisa Boucher & Rayna – BH, NBRH, ABRH, NBAR

Tom Arns & Mountie – AKC GRCH, RATCH, RM, RM2, RM3, RAE

Kim Oatway & Shield – CKC GRCH, RI, TT, SDN, SD-A, TKA, CGN

Dawn Mulcahey & Micah – OAP, OJP, OFP, CPE3

Sue Trout & Wiser – Am/Can RA, Can RN, Am RE, CGN

Caren Vicich & Gordie – RI, SEN, BCAT

Heather Brown and Rob Malo & Sydney – CKC CH, CGN, NTD

Jeannine Ciszak & Nalu – CA, HIT

Congratulations also to Sue Bowman & co-owned Byng (Pan/Stitch) for earning her AKC CH, GRCH, CD, RN & RI titles. Watch for an upcoming litter for Byng in early 2023!

And, there are still Yngo puppies out there accomplishing great things! In addition to our Yngo/Rumor litter included above, Pauline Karalia’s Deerwood R pups are burning up the working rings. Congratulations to…

  • Amy Jenkins & Ryngo – AS2, RN, RA, RE, NAJ, NF, OAJ, CA
  • Lisa Kramer & Rhaeger – IGP2, RE, RAE
  • Denise Grimm & Rocketman – RI, TKA
  • Juanita Myers & Rogue – RATS, CZ8B
  • Tina Cote & Rebelle – BCAT, DCAT, FDC, CA
  • Elisha Neal & Rocajett – ACT1, ACT2, ACTJ1, ACTJ2, NFP
  • Karen Carroll & Ruby – CD, RA, RE, XFP, AJP, OAP

A special acknowledgement also goes to Georgia for winning Best Veteran in Show and Altered BIS in 2022, Pan for winning a multi-breed specialty and also winning Best Veteran in show and Best Veteran in Specialty, and Shield for winning Reserve Best in Show!

We look forward to the coming year and all that our talented owners and pups will accomplish. 2023 and beyond will see us personally breeding and exhibiting less frequently as we turn our focus to judging more often. This is just one of the ways that we hope to give back to the sport of purebred dogs.

Happy New Year!

Ann & Mike